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10 thoughts on “Albania: Aurora Kapo Releases Her Bala Turkvizyon Entry”

  1. It is not Albanian but Turkish 😀
    I didnt like it much. For now, my order

    1. I am a turkish
      For me this is the most beatiful song
      People need to dance to feel happy not to cryy for balads
      This is great song very bestiful and the girl sing very beatiful you don’t have to make her feel bad or to write bad coments

      1. Fatma, I don’t know why but you seem spam 😉
        I did make her feel bad just because i said that i did not like it much? 😀 Then we all have to shut up NOT TO MAKE any of singers feel bad! 😛

        Anyway, i still did not like it much 🙂 And, author, please correct, it is not Albanian. She is singing in Turkish

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