All You Need To Know: Türkvizyon Song Contest 2015

26 Countries Will Gather In Istanbul
22 Countries Will Gather In Istanbul

As the number one source for Türkvizyon news it made sense to make it easier for you to find out all you need to know about Türkvizyon. On this page we’ll break down how the contest will work, who is taking part and the dates you need to know if you want to immerse yourself in Türkvizyon.

What is Türkvizyon?

Türkvizyon is a contest created by TMB of Turkey in 2013. The contests seeing countries and regions in Europe and Asia competing in a contest that celebrates Turkic culture. Unlike in the Eurovision Song Contest the songs are not limited to 3 minutes, this means that you end up with varying lengths of songs. In 2013 however unlike Eurovision the winner was decided by a jury not a televote.

Where is the contest being held?

The contest is being held in the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul. The contest was announced as being moved from Mary to the Capital of Turkmenistan in February 2015 due a lack of a suitable venue, in August TMB TV announced the contest was moved from Turkmenistan to Turkey.

About Istanbul:

Istanbul is the largest city in Istanbul and the only city in the world to span two continents being located in both Europe and Asia. The city is home to over 14 million people and is a huge draw for millions of tourists each year who come to visit its famous sites such as the Hagia Sophia.

The city has played host to major entertainment events in the past, in 2004 the city was the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest. This year as well as being the host city for the Turkvizyon Song Contest, the ABU TV Song Festival is also being held.

About Ashgabat:

Ashgabat the Capital and largest city in Turkmenistan, the city is home to around 1 million residents. The city was founded in 1881 by Russian officers, the city has been the capital of Turkmenistan since the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic was founded in 1924.

The city is the centre of Turkmen business and culture, being home to a wide variety of business’ and museums. The city also plays host to a number of impressive monuments and structures which have been built since Turkmenistan gained its independence from the USSR in 1991.

About Mary:

Mary/Merv, Turkmenistan. The city which is homed to just over 125,000 people it the capital of the Province of Mary. The city is no stranger to being the Capital of Culture of a region, in 2012 the city was selected as the Capital of Culture of the CIS.

The city is most well known for being located nearby to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Merv. The ancient city which is now no longer inhabited was for a time biggest city in the world in the 12th century. The city was burnt to the ground in the 18th century, with the population forcibly moved to other parts of Turkmenistan.

When is the contest?

The final of Turkvizyon 2015 will be held on December 19 and the semi final will be held on December 17 – More details here

Who is taking part?

A total of 22 countries/regions and ethnic groups will take part in the contest. The following countries have confirmed their participation in the contest:

  • Albania (Tring TV) – More details here
  • Azerbaijan (ATV) – More details here
  • Belarus (Broadcaster unknown) – More details here
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Hayat TV) – More details here.
  • Bulgaria (Broadcaster Unknown) – More details here
  • Gagauzia (GRT) – More details here
  • Georgia (Marneuli TV) – More details here
  • Germany (Turkshow) – More details here.
  • Iran (Broadcaster Unknown) – More details here
  • Iraq (Türkmeneli TV) – More details here
  • Kazakhstan (Adam Media Group) – More details here
  • Kosovo (Broadcaster unknown) – More details here
  • Kyrgyzstan (KRTK) – More details here.
  • Macedonia – More details here
  • Northern Cyprus (Kibris Genc TV) – More details here
  • Romania (Alpha Media TV) – More details here
  • Serbia (Sandžak) (Broadcaster unknown) – More details here and here
  • Syria (Unknown broadcaster) – More details here
  • Turkey (TMB TV) – More details here (Host nation)
  • Turkmenistan – More details here
  • Ukraine (ODTRK Odessa) – More details here
  • Uzbekistan – More details here

Who will be representing the participating countries?

The following countries/regions have selected their singer:

  • Albania – Xhoi &  Visar Rexhepi – Adi Hasret – More details here and here
  • Azerbaijan – Mehman Tagiyev – Istanbul – More details here and here
  • Belarus – Aleksandra (Sasha) Kazımova – Azaldiq – More details here, here and here
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Adis Škaljo – Pa šta – More details here and here
  • Bulgaria – Big Star Life – ? – More details here
  • Gagauzia – Valentin Ormanji – Sen beni sev – More details here
  • Germany – Derya Kaptan – Sessiz Çığlık – More details here and here
  • Iran – Reza Esbilani – ? – More details here
  • Iraq – Oğuz Sırmalı – Serenat – More details here and here
  • Kazakhstan – Group Orda – Olaya Emesa – More details here
  • Kosovo – ? – ?
  • Kyrgyzstan – Jiidesh İdirisova – Kim bilet – More details here
  • Macedonia – Kaan Mazhar – Böyle Olmamalıydı – More details here and here
  • Northern Cyprus – İpek Amber – Sessiz Gidiş – More details here and here
  • Romania – Edvin Eddy – ? – More details here
  • Serbia (Sandžak) – Almedin Varosanin – Trag – More details here and here
  • Syria – Adil Şan – ? – More details here
  • Turkey – Görkem Durmaz – ? – More details here
  • Turkmenistan – ? – ?
  • Ukraine – Anna Mitioglo – Baaşla bana – More details here and here
  • Uzbekistan – KaaPlya (Ajnabiy) and Hurdona – ? – More details here

Who took part in past editions/was due to participate but will not in 2015?

The following countries/regions have participated in past editions of the competition or were due to debut in the competition but will not in 2015:

  • Altai Republic – Emil Tolkochekov – ? – More details here
  • Bashkortostan – Ziliya Bahtieva – ? – More details here
  • Crimea – Safiye Denishaeva – Aqın Dostlar – More details here and here
  • Kabardino Balkaria & Karachay Cherkessia – Aris Appaev – Unutma meni – More details here 
  • Kemerovo
  • Khakassia – Sayana Saburova and Olga Vasilyeva – More details here
  • Kumyk – Gulmira, Fatima and Kamilya – Alğa! – More details here
  • Moscow – Zuleyha İlbakova – Bәlәkәy ҡyҙ – More details here and here
  • Stavropol Krai – Islam Satyrov – Tuvgan erym (Тувган ерым) – More details here and here
  • Tuva – Arzhaana Stal-ool – Tuvam – More details here
  • Yakutia (Sakha Republic – Dalaana (Далаана)  – More details here

If you want to find out more about the 2013 contest click here, for the 2014 contest click here.


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