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19 thoughts on “Asia: ABU TV Cup Song Contest To Be Held In 2017”

  1. WOW!!!. Great news. I hope that till now on, the interest in the ATSF will grow enormously.

    This is my list of countries and participants I would like to see when the competitive ABU TV Cup Song Contest turns into a reallity.

    Philippines: Kitchie Nadal – Bulong.
    Kazakhstan: Lashyn – Tugan jer.
    Indonesia: Gita Gutawa – Hingga akhir waktu.
    Turkey: Petek Dinçoz – Esi benzeri yok.
    Singapore: Tanya Chua – Ting ge.
    Kyrgyzstan: Nelya – Jok.
    Malaysia: Shila Amzah – Masih aku cinta.
    Mongolia: Nasaa – Insomnia.
    Uzbekistan: Dildora Olimjonova – Diliman.
    Vietnam: Đông Nhi – Bad boy.
    Azerbaijan: Aygün Kazımova – Sənə Xəstəyəm.
    Cambodia: Aok Sokunkanha – staybehdaung.
    Iran: Sirvan Khosravi – Inam Mizgare.
    Laos: Tot Lina – Nightmare.
    Afghanistan: Naghma – Gora tawan wa boke.
    Thailand: Knomjean & Waii – Tomorrow.
    South Korea: 2NE1 – Comoe back home.
    Myanmar: Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein – War.
    China: Jane Zhang feat Tiësto – Change your world.
    India: Shreya Ghoshal – Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai.
    Bhutan: Sangay Wangchen & Karma Euden Norbu – High School.
    Japan: LiSA – Empty mermaid.
    Leebanon (ASBU) – Najwa Karam – Ma fi nom.
    Sri Lanka: Ashanthi – Hanthane.

    1. I prefer to see Mezarkabul from Türkiye and İkimono Gakari from Japan 😀
      Btw i am surprised you knew that many singers/bands all over Asia ))

      1. I’ve always been a fan of asian pop music. I have listened many artists accross the Asian continent and the arabic speaking world and I can say that Asia has surprised me musically. Even in the poorest asian coutries (for example, Laos) I have found songs that could be suitable for the ESC or other musical events. That’s why I love asian pop

  2. Very good news from asia. From now on, I think that we will see many national musical events turning into national finals for the ABU TV Cup Song Contest.

    Malaysia could use Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) as their national final for ATCSC. AJL It is the most famous muiscal event there, and some of the winners of that contest have already been in the ABU TV Song Festival. In fact, the malay eurofans call that event, the malaysian melodifestivalen.

    China could make a very interesting national final if Hunan TV and CCTV collaborated. CCTV broadcasts the new year’s gala (Which is the most viewed event in China), while Hunan TV has been the creator of Super Girls (Which has been one of the most successful talent shows in mainland China. This country may have a great potential to create a massively popular Chinese Melody Grand Prix (CMGP), as a national final for the ABU TV Cup Song Contest.

    What could be said about Japan, they have got the most booming music industry in Asia. They could use their traditional Kohaku Uta Gassen as a national final (But it’s unlikely since it’s also a new year’s song contest). I would like to see bands like Exile and performers like Ayumi Hamasaki in the ABU TV Cup Song Contest.

  3. We must not forget South Korea, nowadays, the power of their music industry may be even bigger than J-pop. Why not bands like Kara, Global Icon or Girls Generation?.

    KBS could use their traditional KBS Gayo Daechukje as a national final. That show is very popular and usually, the most popular K-pop singers take part. The winner is selected by a jury.

  4. HALLELUJAH! although i must say the name of the contest is completely horrendous. “tv”? “cup”? all that is missing is radio, carpet, sofa and popcorn…

    my prediction is for the first few years east asians will dominate the contest. the eurovision heavyweights aka the eurasian countries, turkey, russia, armenia and azerbaijan will dominate the top 10.

    oh i can’t wait!

    1. I agree with that prediction, but I think that everything depends on the musical quality of the entries. South Korea and Japan may have very strong music industries, but when it comes to single songs, every country in the world is able to produce wonderful songs.

      After listening to many songs of many asian countries, I came to the conclusion that every country could win the ABU TV Cup Song Contest.

      1. Maybe in the next months they will reveal the rules of the ABU TV Cup Song Contest. Till then, the ABUfans like me, will have to wait.

  5. It should already happen in the first place, like twenty to twenty-five years ago.

    However, somewhere in a world parallel to ours, Asiavision Song Contest is already celebrated yearly since 1960.

  6. I think a song contest in Asia is great! But I think its strange that countries like Turkey and Azerbaijan can participate in 2 contests?!?! And I think that the Oceanian and African countries should not participate, so Egypt go and make your own contest in africa and Countries like Australia and New Zealand should made its own Oceanian contest

  7. It would be cool to Asia-Pacific Song Contest coming true. My predition is that Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand will participate. Maybe we hear even a sound of Niue, Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, Mongolia and Tunesia too. It would be insane to see Niue participating because if they win, they could host and develope international relationships, tourism and recognizy by the people which could lead to full independence from New Zealand. I think its also posible to see a lot of National Selections upcoming as most of those countries have huge pop industries and many citizens. Way more than European Countries have. China, Australia, Japan, Phillipines and South Korea could held big national selections, just as big as Melodifestivalen. Or even bigger! Imagine PhilPop for Philippines, Nippon Melodi Grand Prix for Japan or Australia to Asia! for Australia. I also think China, Australia, Philippines, South Korea and Japan are the most likely to win. But who knows there’ll be a next Loreen or ABBA inside of this contest. And maybe they are even from one of the not listed countries.

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