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6 thoughts on “Australia: More Details Revealed About Planned “Asiavision””

  1. Very excited for you. Just come back from a month in Sydney. Here in the U.K. we know how much you love Eurovision. So good luck.

  2. Wow. This is a great day for the Asian entertainment industry. I’m sure that it will be the mos successful musical event that the whole Asia has ever known.

  3. “…they are looking at countries from India and east to the Pacific Islands….”
    Are you serious?!
    this will left most Central Asian, Middle East, and Asian-Caucasian (Georgia, Azerbaijan,Armenia) out from the contest and we will have more “micro state”/”small country” from Pacific.
    Are you kidding me SBS???

    1. I´m very excited about this upcoming show. But the Stans must have a place in this festival, their music scene is booming and some songs deserve a place in Asiavision. I also think that SBS must join forces with Hunan TV because the ABU TV Cup Song Contest is already announced and will be competitive.

    2. Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia already take part in the Eurovision Song Contest. I don’t think they are able to join two different contests at the same time. The same applies to Russia, part of which is in also in Asia, so potentially eligible.

  4. Australia, New Zealand…so I guess after Eurovision, an Asiavision was the way to go.. I’d actually put all partial, and full Asian countries in it and pull the plug on Eurovision completely.

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