Macau: Kyla – Interview

Kyla Is Representing Macau
Kyla Is Representing Macau

Ahead of the 4th ABU TV Song Festival in Istanbul, Turkey we caught up with this years Macanese representative at the competition Kyla. Kyla will be one the second singer from Macau to have participated in the ABU TV Song Festival.

Firstly thank you very much for talking to us, the TV Song Festival is just under a week away, how are you feeling?

This music festival held in Macau was so grand last year. And this year, I feel so fortunate to have a chance to participate in such great event and meet different brilliant singers around the world. I am full of expectation!

For those people that don’t know anything about you, can you tell us more about yourself and how you got into the music industry?

I was born and grow up in Macau. Most of the Macanese singers come from singing competitions including me. My mother loves singing and I was influenced by her. When I was walking, bathing, having lesson, no matter when, I will be humming a song naturally. When I was primary 5, I participated my first singing competition and ranked first. Then, I start to participate in different singing competitions continually and have decent result. Until 2010, I won a champion of a singing competition held by TDM, then my singing career gets started. I was used to be a timid person. However, I can find myself and the way I am on the performing stages.

Earlier in the year you won the TDM Pop Awards, what was that achievement like for you?

My singing career starts after gaining that award, which is a turning point in my life. At that time, my mum was suffering a serious illness. I was determined to get the champion because I didn’t want to make her feel disappointed and I did it finally. This award was impressive as I put lots of effort on it and I really tried my best. This champion was meaningful for me and this was the last gift and thing that I could do for her. After a week, my mum passed away.

You will be representing Macau at the TV Song Festival in Istanbul, how does that feel?

For sure, I feel so excited for widening my vision and enriching my experiences by this great even and know the music and culture from different countries. This is what we wanna do by sharing our local music around the world.

The song you will be performing is called “Back to back”?

Yes, this song means suddenly far away and suddenly near, wanna get nearer from each other but not brave enough, can only step on his back, you can say as pulling each other. You can also say this relationship is back to back from each other.

What does it mean to be able to perform for an audience across the world?

We hope that we can bring and perform our music around the world as what I said before. This is kind of a mission. Although Macau is a small place, it has its own unique cultural features. I like to listen different kinds of music like Korean music, American music, etc. Therefore, I believe that there are somebody who like to listen to Macanese music. Moreover, I believe our local music could be shared to various places.

Finally, do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

I am so glad that I can participate this grand event and let the audiences know more about me. I assure I will try my best to do what I like and like what I do. My friend came to Turkey before, said that Turkey is such a beautiful country. It looks like a picture wherever you are. I can’t wait to meet this beautiful country!

Kyla is one of the 13 singers taking part in next weeks ABU TV Song Festival in Istanbul, Turkey. You can listen to her entry in the festival below:

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