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4 thoughts on “Russia: Madina Kartakayeva To Bala Turkvizyon 2015”

  1. says she will represent Nagoi Turks, not Russia or Daghestan mentioned there. Nogais even have no a federal subject in Russia she still can represent them as we see in some countries like Georgia (Borchali), Iran (Southern Azerijan), Iraq (Turkmeneli) etc.

    1. You would however expect them to take the name of a region of Russia. None of the participants so far have ever just represented an ethnic group officially, the Shor were put down as representing Kemerovo.

      1. Ofc i don’t expect as a nation but it seems it will be so 😀 says “RF Nogay Türk Topluluğu” which means “RF Nogai Turkic Community”. And as far as i know Kumyks also will do the same this year as seperated from Daghestan

  2. It must be Dagestan…that only makes sense! Who is debuting in Türkvizyon main contest, is debuting in Bala T. too! But I commit that should speak a little bit opener…and Turkvision Song Contest Deutschland too!! Well, it’s not Meltem Kaptan for Germany though, but I guess it’s Güterloh-singer Shadia with her song “Let Go”. The date where German delegation will announce the name of female singer for Türkvizyon is 24th October!

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