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4 thoughts on “Sandžak: Confirms Participation in Turkvizyon 2016”

  1. You do not provide a link to your source, and I wonder: Is it then correct to assume that this is something brought to you by private correspondance with RTV Novi Pazar – or where and when is this confirmed? I could not find anything about this at RTV Novi Pazars website.

    1. This was confirmed in an email to us, when we do not provide a source this means that the information has come direct from the source.

  2. Could it be an idea to mention this, in general, in the articles… like “RTV Novi Pazar confirmed to Eurovoix in an email that they will be participation in Turkvision”. For me, and probably some others, it’s always a bit important to know where the information comes from, and how.

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