ABU International Dance Festival: First Edition January 2017

ABU launches the ABU International Dance Festival
ABU launches the ABU International Dance Festival

The ABU has formally launched the ABU International Dance Festival this week, the first event is being held in Hyderabad, India from January 12 to 15.

The festival is the first non-singing event that the ABU has organised in which member countries are invited to participate. The Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union states that:

The ABU International Dance Festival is an independent festival which aims at introducing the unique diversities, breaking cultural barriers, and sharing the joys that varied communities across the Asia-Pacific region feel while they dance. The objective is to create a “bridge” between young people from different parts of the world, through dance as an international language, which could help in convergences and associations, social and artistic.

The rules for the festival are as follows:

  • Two dances can be submitted per country, one for the traditional dance (showcase/non-competitive) and one for the contemporary dance (competitive).
  • Each performance may last no longer than 8 minutes.
  • Each performance may feature between 2 and 8 people
  • Participants must be aged between 18 and 25 years old at the time of the event.

No details have been announced about how many countries may participate in the event. Both the ABU Radio Song Festival and ABU TV Song Festival are limited to 15 countries. Countries wishing to participate in the event have until August 31 to submit their participation form and participants to the ABU.

Source: ABU


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