ABU TV Song Festival 2016: 13 Participating Artists Revealed

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has revealed 13 of the 14 artists who will be participating in the ABU TV Song Festival 2016.

It had previously been announced that 10 countries would be participating in the 5th ABU TV Song Festival in Bali, Indonesia. It has now been confirmed that 14 countries will be taking to the stage of the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre on October 22. Returning to the contest this year are China, Thailand and Sri Lanka, while Mongolia will be competing for the first time, Malaysia and Turkey are both withdrawing from this years event.

The competing countries, the artists and their songs are as follows:

  • Afghanistan – Seeta Qasemie – Melody of Love
  • China – Mo Siman – Melody of Love
  • Hong Kong – Kayee Tam – Puppet
  • India – (Artist and song unknown)
  • Indonesia – Novita Dewi – Terbang (Fly)
  • Japan – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – (Song Unknown)
  • Kazakhstan – Ayree – Keep Silence
  • South Korea – Ailee – Singing Got Better
  • Macau – Queena Tam – Aylan
  • Maldives – Laisha Junaid – Magey Rah
  • Mongolia – SweetYmotion – Missing Love
  • Sri Lanka – Shehara Liyanage – Something bout’ You and I
  • Thailand - Sinchareon Brothers Band – (Song Unknown)
  • Vietnam - Nguyen Thi Pha Le – (Song Unknown)

The announcement of the participants means that Kazakhstan has replaced the previously announced Berdibek Kulgarayev with Ayree. While fans of the ABU Song Festival’s will recognise that the Sri Lankan participant Sehara Liyanage represented the country at the 2014 ABU Radio Song Festival with the same song.

The ABU TV Song Festival 2016 will be the second largest ABU TV Song Festival hosted to date. The largest festival was held in 2013 when a total of 15 countries took to the stage of the Hanoi Opera House in Vietnam.

Source: ABU

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  1. Wow!!!. Interesting news. I think that the news about the competitive contest taking place on early next year has created a hype. That’s why the number of participating countries has increased.

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