ABU TV Song Festival 2016 Takes Place Today in Bali

The ABU TV Song Festival 2016 takes place today in Bali, Indonesia with 12 artists from across the Asia-Pacific region participating.

Today the 5th edition of the ABU TV Song Festival is being held in Bali, Indonesia. A total of 12 artists from across the Asia-Pacific Region as well as Tunisia will be taking to the stage, showcasing the best of the regions talent. Stars such as Ailee and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be joined on stage by national talent from the likes of the Maldives and Macau.

The ABU TV Song festival is a showcase of talent from across the region served by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. Since it was first held in 2012 a total of 22 countries have taken to the stage including in the past Australia, India and Brunei. Taking to the stage this year in Bali are:

  • Afghanistan - Seeta Qasemie - Melody Of Love
  • China – Mo Siman - The Love from Heaven
  • Hong Kong – Kayee Tam – Puppet
  • Indonesia – Novita Dewi – Terbang (Fly)
  • Japan - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Medley of Hits
  • Kazakhstan – Ayree – My Motherland
  • Macau - Queena – Aylan
  • Maldives - Laisa Junaid - Magey Rah
  • South Korea – Ailee – Singing Got Better
  • Sri Lanka - Shehara Liyanage - Something ’bout You and I
  • Tunisia - Lotfi Bouchnek – (Song not known)
  • Vietnam - Nguyen Thi Pha Le - Ao Em Lua La (The Girl in Silk Shirt)

The ABU TV Song Festival is not a competitive contest, however as was revealed earlier this week the ABU will be holding a competitive contest the ABU Asia-Pacific Song Contest for the first time in 2017. Singers are not limited as to when their song must have been released before, or if the song has to be an original composition. Ayree from Kazakhstan will be performing a song specifically composed for the event, while Novita Dewi’s performance is a cover of an existing Indonesian hit.

The ABU TV Song Festival 2016 will be live from 20:00 local time (14:00 CET), you can watch the event live on the TVRI website here. Follow live Twitter coverage of the event via @EurovoixWorld and find out all you need to know about the event so far here.

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