Adam Douglas wins Baltic Song Contest!

Last night it was the 2016 Baltic Song Contest held in Sweden. Adam Douglas from Norway won the contest with his song “I once was an honest guy”. Every year since 1978 the contest is hosted in Karlshamn, Sweden. Adam expressed his love for Karlshamn (the host town) in his acceptance speech and promised to come visit again very soon. Adam Douglas will be recording two new albums in the coming months.

The other artists that where taking part in the contest are:

  1. Sweden: Josefine Wassler
  2. Estonia: Ott Lepland
  3. Poland: Ania Dabrowska
  4. Norway: Adam Douglas (Winner)
  5. Croatia: Antonela Doko
  6. Latvia: Markus Riva
  7. Moldova: Doinita Gherman
  8. Romania: Klyde
  9. Spain: Maika Barbero
  10. Sweden: Petra Kvännå

Let us know if you watched the 2016 Baltic Song Contest and was Adam Douglas the right winner?

Held annually since 1978 in the Swedish city of Karlshamn , it forms part of the Baltic Festival. Those competing in the contest do not have to come from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea as seen by the participation of singers from Romania, Spain and Moldova in the event. Past participants include; Birgit Õigemeel, Nanne Grönvall, Edyta Górniak and Jalisee.
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