Afghanistan: “Ghoroore Tu, Shikaste Man” Released

An Emotive Song From Mozhdah
An Emotive Song From Mozhdah

Mozhdah has released “Ghoroore Tu, Shikaste Man” her entry for Afghanistan at the ABU TV Song Festival 2015.

The lyrics for the song were written by Mozhdah and her farther Bashir  Jamalzadah over two years ago, the song is about Afghan women and their resilience and rights. Mozhdah said on her Facebook page that:

We cannot ignore the fact that Afghanistan is the worst place in the world for women. Something needs to be done. We can all make a difference, each in our own way, even if it’s a little bit at a time. We must bring awareness to this issue.

The song is very emotive with the lyrics in the chorus reading:

I’m not Satan, nor a sorceress, neither a fairy

I am your other half and your equal

Don’t stone me to death

Don’t chain my feet to the ground

I am alive, don’t blind me

Don’t darken my world

Don’t darken my world

Watch the music video below:

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