Africa: Africa Song To Bring Eurovision To Africa?

The Logo For The Delayed 2014 Contest

Plans are underway in Africa to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to the African Continent and to millions of viewers across Africa.

The contest which would be known as “Africa Song” was first revealed in early 2014 with the plans calling for a contest at the end of 2014, however financial issues have held the contest back so far. We have been in discussions with the Head of Africa Song who has revealed some previously unknown information to

How Does It Work?

Africa Song requires every participating country to involve the public in their selection process, countries must at least open a public submissions process for songs. It is however proffered that countries hold a televised selection as so to build public awareness and interest in the competition.

The first contest will be hosted in a city which is selected from a bidding process. The winner of the first contest will then go on to host the second contest following the Eurovision Song Contest method of deciding the host country.

The final will be between 90-120 minutes long with all of the participating countries performing their song and then a voting window before the results are announced live.

The winning country of the contest automatically qualifies for the final of the following years contest, the singer will have the opportunity to perform their winning song again.

The Branding For Africa Song
The Branding For Africa Song

What Do We Know So Far?

During our discussions with the organisers of Africa Song we know that a total of 9 countries have so far confirmed that they will participate in the contest when it takes place. These countries are:

  • Benin
  • Burundi
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ghana
  • Madagascar
  • Nigeria
  • Republic of the Congo
  • Rwanda
  • Zambia

The organisers are in ongoing discussions with South Africa about participating in Africa Song. When the contest was first announced a total of 19 countries voiced an interest in participating in the contest.

When will the contest happen?

At this date no date for the contest has yet been set, the contest was due to have first taken place in late 2014 however funding has not been secured to enable it to take place. The organisers are currently in discussions with investors which would enable the contest to begin.

Watch the promotional video below:

Source: & Africa Song.pdf

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  1. I think it is a wonderful idea. Please remember the interest outside Africa and the opportunity to gain funding through releasing rights to outside countries as they did with Eurovision in the US with Logo. Eurovision Asia & Pacific is due also leaving the question, Where is America Vision?

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