Songs Have Been Selected Already

Songs Have Been Selected Already

All Africa Song Contest set to compete with Africa Song with both attempting to bring the international song contest format to the African continent.

The All Africa Song Contest is set to be hosted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and run over six weeks. The competition was launched in 2014 and so far does not have a set date for the competition, singers have however been selected to participate in the contest.

How Does It Work?

Each country in Africa will be represented by a singer selected by its Ministry of Culture, the public of each country will not have a say in who represents them.

A total of five heats will be held where the songs from each country are presented in the form of a pre-recorded video. These shows will be available to national broadcasters across Africa to broadcast free of charge, the public will then vote for the singers they want to see in the final via sms.

For the final the singers that are selected by the public will perform live in a televised competition.

No details have been given on what happens to the country that wins the contest and where it would be held in the second year. The contest is being run by Kush Communications a production company that has worked on a number of African TV series for the BBC.

What Do We Know So Far?

The hosts of the show have already been announced they will be Henry Bonsu and Zeinab Badawi.

The following countries have so far selected their singers for the competition:

We will continue to look into the contest further, we have contacted the organisers and announced participants for more information but have no received any more details so far.

Source: All Africa Song Contest,, Times of Swaziland