Albania: “Adi Hasret” Song For Turkvizyon 2015

Albania Reveals Their Song

The song that will be performed at the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015 by Xhoana Bejko and Visar Rexhepi has been released today.

The song which is titled “Adı Hasret”, the song which is performed in Turkish and the title translates into “It’s name is longing”. Xhoana will be known to Turkvizyon fans as last years Albanian representative Xhoi, while Visar will be performing as part of the duet at the competition in Istanbul.

Watch the music video below:

4 replies on “ Albania: “Adi Hasret” Song For Turkvizyon 2015 ”
  1. I thought they would sing in Albanian&Turkish as they did last year but surprised! 😀
    Nice song, i hope they make it throug tho the final, good luck Arnavutluk!

    1. They did not sing in Albanian and Turkish last year. Xhoi translated the Albanian song Djarr dhe ajer into Turkish, and performed it in Turkish only as Hava ve ates in Turkvision. Listen to both versions, and you’ll realize this. The Albanian version is also a lot better than the Turkish. This song is better, because it’s written in Turkish, and not translated. Same problem occurs sometimes in Eurovision songs originally written in a language, and then translated to English – it could be a lack of quality.

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