Albania: Visar Rexhepi – Interview

Visar Rexhepi is representing Albania

From the Russian Federation we head to the Balkans and Albania. Albania are competing in their second Turkvizyon Song Contest this year represented by Xhoana Bejko and Visar Rexhepi. We spoke to Visar Rexhepi who will be taking to the stage for the first time this year for Albania, here is what he had to say.

It’s under a month to go until the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015, how are you feeling?

I feel very much excited and happy and looking forward to participate in this the big event.

You will be representing Albania at this years contest as part of a duo with Xhoana Bejko how did performing as a duet come about?

I am very proud an honoured to present Albania in Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015. Xhoana and I have a very successful cooperation and I think this could contribute to our performance in Turkvizyon.

Xhoana represented Albania last year in Kazan, has she given you any advice or tips about how to prepare for Turkvizyon or what to expect?

We talked a lot with Xhoana and her experience will contribute a lot to our success.

Your song is called “Adi Hasret”, can you tell us more about it?

The song “Adi Hasret” present a wonderful story about love,trust and commitment.

What can we expect from your performance at the contest in Istanbul?

This will be a unique opportunity for self promotion and promotion of my country, and I hope that we will give our best.

Albania has been in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2004, but only in Turkvizyon since 2014, what do you think is the appeal of Turkvizyon for an audience in Albania?

I think the appeal is Albania more frequently to be part of Turkvizyon Song Contest in the future.

What will it feel like for you to step onto the Turkvizyon stage and know you are being watched by millions of viewers?

I’ll try to give my best to the audience of Turkvizyon Song Contest.

Finally do you have anything you’d like to say to the readers of

Many greetings to all your readers with an appeal to watch and enjoy Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015.

We wish Visar Rexhepi and Xhoana Bejko all the best next month at the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey.

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