Albania: Visar Rexhepi Looks Back at Challenges of Turkvision Participation

Visar Rexhepi has spoken about the challenges of representing Albania at the Turkvision Song Contest, one year on from his participation.

Visar Rexhepi has spoken about representing Albania at the Turkvision Song Contest in his latest interview with Kolona. Visar states that it was a pleasure and privelege to have participated in the third edition of the contest alongside Xhoana Bejko. Adding that it:

Was a great challenge since the song was performed in Turkish.

He went on to say that it was thanks to the support of Xhoana that the two made it through to the final of the contest, and went on to bring Albania their best result to date in the competition. Visar Rexhepi performed the song “Adi Hasret” in Istanbul, Turkey and finished 8th scoring a total of 154 points from the juries of 20 countries and regions.

2016 has been a successful year for the Albanian singer, having released two singles, including a re-release of the 1994 song that launched his career. He hopes to continue to take part in international events and contests such as that of Turkvision and Suncane Skale. The singer remains in demand with audiences across the Balkans, having received invitations to perform at a number of events in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. Visar is currently looking forward to 2017 when he hopes to reveal his next project.


The Turkvision Song Contest was first held in 2013 in the Turkish city of Eskisehir. The contest which is open to Turkic nations and regions such as Turkey, Kazakhstan and Yakutia. The contest follows a similar format to the Eurovision Song Contest, with songs limited to being 4 minutes long. To date Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have won the contest.
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