Albania: Visar Rexhepi Releases “Si lule pranvere”

Visar Rexhepi
Visar reworks his 1994 hit

Visar Rexhepi has released his latest single “Si lule pranvere” as his hit of the summer.

The song “Si lule pranvere” (Like Spring Flowers) which was originally recorded in 1994 has been reworked and re-released as a summer hit by Visar Rexhepi. The singer who represented Albania at Turkvizyon 2015 alongside Xhoi Bejko filmed the music video along the Albanian coast. He told the Albanian press that:

We are pleased with the work we’ve done, I think we made a freshness good song “Si lule pranvere”, as many of my fans had long sought, but at the same time it will be a song I hope that this summer will be heard everywhere across Albanian territories.

Watch the official music video below:

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