All You Need To Know: ABU TV Song Festival 2015

The 4th ABU TV Song Festival Is Set For October 28

The 2015 ABU TV Song Festival takes place this October in Istanbul, Turkey. You can find out all you need to know about the contest below, from the songs to the countries who will or will not be taking part this year.

What is the ABU TV Song Festival?

The ABU TV Song Festival is an annual festival organised by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union. The TV Song Festival was first held in Seoul, South Korea in 2012 and since then has been held in Vietnam and Macau. A maximum of 15 countries can participate in the gala event with the ABU selecting the countries taking part from submissions by member broadcasters.

Where is the contest being held?

The contest is being held in the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul. The venue for the TV Song Festival in the Istanbul Congress Center.

When is the contest?

The contest will take place on 28 October 2015.

Who is taking part?

A total of 14 countries have been confirmed as participating in the 4th ABU TV Song Festival, they are:

  • Afghanistan – More details here
  • India – More details here
  • Indonesia – More details here
  • Japan – More details here
  • Kazakhstan – More details here
  • Macau – More details here
  • Malaysia – More details here
  • Maldives – More details here
  • South Korea – More details here
  • Thailand – More details here
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam – More details here

Who is withdrawing?

The following countries have confirmed that they will not be taking part in this years festival:

  • Australia – More details here
  • Brunei – More details here
  • China – More details here
  • Hong Kong – More details here

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