All You Need To Know: Pan Celtic Song Contest 2016

Pan Celtic Song Contest Will Be Held In Carlow

The 46th Pan Celtic Song Contest will take place in Carlow, Ireland. The contest first began in 1971 and has been held every year since excluding 2001.

What is the Pan Celtic Song Contest?

The Pan Celtic Song Contest is an annual competition held between the six Celtic nations of Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, Isle of Mann, Scotland and Wales. The event is held as part of the Pan Celtic Festival which is organised by the Pan Celtic organisation.

Who is taking part?

The following nations participate in the Pan Celtic Song Contest (selection process in brackets):

  • Brittany (Festival Interceltique de Lorient)
  • Cornwall (Kan Rag Kernow)
  • Ireland (Comórtas Amhrán Náisiúnta)
  • Isle of Mann (Arrane son Mannin)
  • Scotland (Royal National Mòd)
  • Wales (Cân i Gymru)

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