Altai Republic: Artur Marluzhokov Performs in Khakas Opera

Artur Marluzhokov has performed in the Khakas opera “Chanar Khus” in the Republic of Khakassia, earlier in December.

The talented singer and well known performer from the Altai Republic, Artur Marluzhokov has performed the Khakas Opera “Chanar Kus”. Artur played the role of Khan in the performance which took place on December 15. The tells the story of a great love and eternal human values and about the heroism of the people, according to the Opera’s directors.

Talking to the Ministry of Culture of the Altai Republic, Artur stated:

When I listened to the music of the opera as a whole, immediately appreciated its beauty and melody. The composer wrote the opera according to the rules of the genre: all well-sustained, each character has a leitmotif, its character, and most importantly, this is reflected in the music.

I myself have not stepped on the stage musical theater, had not participated in musical productions and I had a good emotional hunger that I could satisfy, working on his role in the opera “Chanar Hus”. It has also been interesting to apply their skills, tried and tested during training in GITIse and share their experiences with young artists. During the performance of training conducted master classes in acting and even staged fight scenes with swords, and the scene of death of the protagonist.

Staging was very organic, it reflects the cultural component of the Khakass people, because Aleksandr Aleksandrovich relied on the traditional musical culture. Music in the opera sounds very organically with modern trends.

Artur Marluzhokov will be known to fans of the Turkvision Song Contest for representing the Altai Republic at the first edition of the contest in 2013.

Source: Ministry of Culture of the Altai Republic

The Altai Republic was one of 24 countries and nations to participation in the first Turkvision Song Contest in 2013. At the first contest Artur Marluzhokov performed the song “Altayym Menin” and qualified for the final. In the final of the contest Artur finished 5th scoring a total of 189 points. The region did not participate in the 2014 contest and was due to return to the contest in 2015. Altai Republic was due to be represented by Emil Tolkochekov however the region withdrew due to a break in relations between the Russian Federation and Turkey.
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