Altai Republic: Emil Tolkochekov Finished 2nd in Novaya Zvezda

Emil Tolkochekov
Emil Tolkochekov finished 2nd for the Altai Republic

Emil Tolkochekov who was due to represent the Altai Republic at Turkvizyon 2015 has finished 2nd in Novaya Zvezda.

Novaya Zvezda brought together 85 singers from all 85 regions of Russia in the largest singing contest of its kind. Emil Tolkochekov finished second in the final last month, he was beaten by the singer from Chechnya. On his arrival back in the region he was congratulated by the Minister of Culture who stated:

I can confidently say that this is our common victory, especially considering the small population of the Altai Republic in comparison with other regions, represented in the finals,

Emil Tolkochekov was due to represent Altai Republic at the 2015 Turkvizyon Song Contest but was forced to withdraw due to tensions between Russia and Turkey.


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