Altai Republic: Returns To Turkvizyon For 2015

Altai Brings Us To 29

Altai Republic are set to return to the Turkvizyon Song Contest having last participated in 2013.

Reports saying that the region of Russia is being represented by Emil Tolkochekov, Emil just this week was announced as a participant in the second series of “New Star”. “New Star” is an annual competition between singers from the 85 regions of Russia.

Altai Republic participated in the first Turkvizyon Song Contest in Turkey with Artur Marlujokov. Artur qualified for the final with the song “Altayym Menin”, he finished in 5th place.

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    1. Agree with you. Bala Türkvizyon will have more than 20 partipicants but there is no even semi for it 😀
      I don’t think contest commitee will hold two semifinals for this year but maybe for the next year.

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