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7 thoughts on “Altai Republic: Withdraws From Turkvizyon 2015”

  1. That cannot be true! Jerk Russia! I dont wanna believe..
    It seems they will force other parts, too and Russian majorty ones will withdraw 🙁

    1. I don’t quite see the connection: Participating in Turkvision does not require TURKSOY-membership. I can see that politically it is a matter for Russian Federation to say “we want you to not cooporate with TURKSOY, but is it really a matter for Russian gouverment to say “don’t participate in Turkvision”?

      How can Russian goverment deny singers to go to Turkey to perform in a non-political event, and if they do, what does that say about Russian politics and Russian leadership? Such a decission would, from my point of view, put them in the same category as Iranian goverment, who banned Iranian participation from Turkvision because it was considered pan-turkism (and this years representative of Iran is living in Turkey).

      It’s about 3-4 weeks left till the final. As usual it will probably be some countries declaring they will participate, and som will withdraw untill then – but thinking about the situation, I don’t think today’s Russia-Turkey relationship will do too much about participations from Russia – when all comes to all. As mentioned, Russia should be considered a dictatorship if they ban people to go participate in a cultural event in Turkey.

  2. Just go Moscow style (sending Kazan World from the Tatar NF in 2014, and someone from the Bashkortostan NF this year) , they should use town names instead of regions to get around the problem.

    They could represent a town , a street , or even a pen brand, it wouldn’t change anything for the actual competing artists/songs :p.
    And we would still know who they are and where they are anyway.
    A song contest is not political.

    NB: Well tbh if they do withdraw, it will mean less entries in the overloaded semi, 32 entries and no possibility to hold a second semi-final with Bala Turkvizyon taking place 2 days before the semi (meaning they’re stuck unless they hold 2 shows during 2 consecutive days)… it’s sad that we may loose up to 10 entries, but if that’s the solution to solve the problem of 32 entries in one semi , I’ll take it lol (I guess we’ll “only” loose 6 regions/entries in the end (those which are actually members of Turksoy and maybe some others from Russia) if regions stay or if they go with city names instead for artists that don’t mind taking part basically under their own names in the end… meaning a semi with 22 to 26 entries, still very decent. (I wonder if they’ll still make 14 entries qualify… probably, as we never know if some entries could withdraw after the semi-final because of politics (regions from Russia but i’ll even mention Turkmen from Iraq and Syria)… sad.) )

  3. As i heard, Tatars started to protesting it. They are now in Kazakhstan and most probably they will partipicate. Turkvisionfan is right. TÜRKSOY just supports this event, no need TÜRKSOY membership.
    As Tatars, Yakuts also deny Russia’s decision about TÜRKSOY. Russia has no right to say not to partipicate. I heard that Emil, Altai representer, Russia says Turkiye is not safe 😀
    A few regions will withdraw but not all IMO. TMB might invite more independent countries like Mongolia, Kosova, Austria, Hungary, Tacikstan etc.
    And also, i want to correct city-representation stuff. You cant do it for any city except of Moscow and S. Petersburg.

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