Arina Petrova & Anahit Adamyan Win New Wave Junior 2017

Arina Petrova (Russia) and Anahit Adamyan (Armenia) have been crowned the winners of New Wave Junior 2017 in Crimea.

Thirteen talented singers from across Europe will take to the stage, hoping to be named the winner of New Wave Junior 2017. In the end only two could take victory at the Artek Camp in Crimea, with Arina Petrova and Anahit Adamyan being selected as the winners by the jury of music experts. Tali Cooper from Israel finished in second with Evgeny Boytsov finishing third. The audience award was given to  Amina Zhapar, while Valeriya Adleyba received the Special prize from the Academy of popular music of Igor Krutoy.

Eleven of the singers competing in this years competition were selected via auditions which were held in Moscow during April. While Valeriya Adleyba and Evgeny Boytsov were announced as participants on May 26 following their participation in Ty Super!

The singers who took part in this years competition were:

  • Abkhazia – Valeriya Adleyba
  • Armenia – Anahit Adamyan
  • Belarus – Daniel Yastremskiy
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina –  Amina Bilalbegovic
  • France – Peters Arthur Geraid
  • Germany – Suzan Oseloff
  • Israel – Tali Kuper
  • Kazakhstan – Amina Zhapar
  • Latvia – Katerina Sretenskaya
  • Moldova – Mariya Godorozha
  • Russia – Aleksandr Filin
  • Russia – Arina Petrova
  • Russia – Evgeny Boytsov

Fans of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will recognise the Armenian singer, Anahit Adamyan. Anahit represented Armenia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Malta alongside Mary, they finished second in the final.

The scores in the competition were determined by a professional jury with music industry experience. They will score the performers from 1-11 points.

  • Igor Krutoy
  • Lev Leschenko
  • Oleg Gazmanov
  • Irina Dubtsova
  • Grigory Gladkov
  • Yevgeny Krylatov
  • Yulianna Karaulova
  • Evegni Kombarov

This years competition will be broadcast on delay on NTV on June 10 and June 17 from 20:00 local time.

New Wave Junior was held for the first time in 2008 and is the children’s version of New Wave. The competition is open to singers under the age of 12 years. Over 30 countries have participated in the contest since it was first held with Ukraine the most successful country in the contest to date. Former winners include Eurovision winners, Gaia Cauchi, Sofia Tarasova and Anastasiya Petryk.


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