Asia: Song Contests On The Agenda At The ABU General Assembly

Two Song Contests will be discussed as part of meetings at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union General Assembly in two weeks in Bali, Indonesia.

The ABU Asia-Pacific Song Contest and the Eurovision Song Contest in Asia will be both be presenting themselves to prospective participating broadcasters in Bali, Indonesia. On October 21 both events will be given 5 minutes each to showcase themselves to prospective competing broadcasters. 600 delegates are expected to attend the event from over 200 different organisations.

The ABU Asia-Pacific Song Contest is being developed by Hunan Television. Hunan Television is a Chinese broadcaster that in recent years has broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest live to audiences in the country. The contest was also discussed at the 2015 ABU General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey. The event is set to be held for the first time in 2017, following an agreement by the ABU to hold the contest on a one year trial basis.

The Eurovision Song Contest in Asia’s presentation will be made by Ms Helen Kellie, the Chief Content Officer at SBS in Australia. The establishment of a Eurovision Song Contest for Asia was announced in March of 2016, with the contest planned to be held in 2017 in Australia. The organisers have been working on the creation of a Reference Group for the contest made up of Japan, South Korea, China and India. Between 12 and 20 countries will compete in the first contest.

Source: ABU

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