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9 thoughts on “Asiavision: 12 Countries The Aim For The First Contest”

    1. I don’t know if this is strictly independent from ABU Because recently both SBS (Australia) and KBS (South Korea) have been lobbying to get more participating countries in Asiavision. Apart from that Hunan TV (China) had previously agreed with the ABU the creation of the ABU TV Cup Song Contest, which will be supposedly competitive.

  1. Quite a lot of those nations in the Pacific aren’t independent countries, wouldn’t they need to be fully independent to take part (like how we haven’t seen Faroe Islands at the ESC)? I can’t imagine they will be prioritising any of the small island states for the first 12 though (as interesting as they’d be), it’ll be China, India, Australia, NZ, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines if I had to guess.

    1. Bhutan has got some good artists but in general the music industry in that country is ridiculously little. I don’t even know if the few Bhutanese singers are professional.
      Apart from that, Bhutan has got a lack of infrastructure in order to host international events like this.

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