Asiavision: SBS Lobbying Prospective Competing Broadcasters

ABU Song Festival 2012
Mongolia & Sri Lanka among countries spoken to at conference

Blink TV’s Paul Clarke was in Beijing last week lobbying broadcasters on behalf of SBS to sign up for the first “Asiavision Song Contest”.

The contest which was announced just under two months ago will be the first international song contest to be held in the region since the early 90s. To date we know that there is a strong interest from the South Korean national broadcaster KBS in participating in the event. SBS’ lobbying took place during the Media2020 conference being held in the Chinese Capital, Beijing.

A large number of national broadcasters sent representatives to the conference in Beijing. These broadcasters include:

  • China – CCTV
  • China – Hunan Television
  • Hong Kong – RTHK
  • Indonesia – TVRI
  • Japan – NHK
  • Mongolia – Mongolian National Broadcaster
  • Sri Lanka - MBC and the Capital Maharaja Organisation
  • South Korea – KBS

SBS has already given a guideline of which countries would be eligible to participate in the first contest next year.

Source: Radio Info, Media Week, ABU

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