Asiavision: Work To Create Reference Group Underway

Dami Im
Dami Im finished 2nd at Eurovision 2016

New details have been revealed about the preparations for the Asiavision Song Contest 2017.

SBS the Australian broadcaster in charge of the event has stated that they are now urgently working with broadcasters in Japan, South Korea and China to form a Reference Group for the contest. The Reference Group would help establish the rules of the competition as well as how the contest would work. Discussions are also ongoing with a broadcaster in India.

Helen Kellie the Head of SBS confirmed that after Australia’s second place at the Eurovision Song Contest on the weekend, the broadcaster is pushing forward to ensure the event takes place in 2017. As it stands a total of 12 countries of participating countries is the aim for the first edition, these countries would have also have a smaller say in how the contest works.


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