ATSF’15: 13 Countries To Participate

It's Confirmed At 13 Countries
It’s Confirmed At 13 Countries

It has been confirmed by the graphics company for the ABU TV Song Festival 2013 that a total of 13 countries will be participating in next weeks show.

A total of 14 countries were announced as participating back in September however it appears now that both Iran and Tunisia have withdrawn from the competition. It is not known why Iran or Tunisia withdrew from the competition, Tunisia’s debut had been announced in the festival earlier in the year alongside India.

The participating countries and artists are as follows:

  • Afghanistan – Mozhdah – Ghoroore Tu, Shikaste Man
  • Hong Kong – Vivian Koo – Accept The Part
  • India – Sanjeevani Bhelande – Radiant Ruby
  • Indonesia – Zahra Damariva – Tak Kembali
  • Japan – Scandal – Sisters
  • Kazakhstan – Dimas Kudaibergen – Daididau
  • Macau – Ma Man Lei, Kyla – Beiduibei (背對背)
  • Malaysia – Ernie Zakri – Dialah di Hati
  • Maldives – Mariyam Unoosha – The Maldives Song
  • South Korea – CNBLUE – Cinderella
  • Thailand – Lamyong Nonghinhow – Jeep Aow Si Kha
  • Turkey – Murat Dalkılıç – Katilimiz Olursun
  • Vietnam – Dinh Manh Ninh – In The Music Tonight

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