ATSF’15: One Country Still Not Announced Participant

Who is the 14th participant?
Who is the 14th participant?

With three weeks to go until the ABU TV Song Festival 2015 one country has still not announced their participant or song for the show.

The ABU in a press release stated a total of 14 artists will be performing in this years festival yet currently only 13 countries have announced both their singer and their song for Istanbul. We have reported in the past that both Iran and Tunisia were announced as participating in August, however it seems that Hong Kong has replaced at least one of these countries.

In previous years the participants in the festival have changed up to one week before the TV Song Festival was held. However this is the first year since the first festival that a country announced as participating has dropped out before the show, Mongolia in 2012 had announced Naran as their singer but withdrew.

Source: ABU

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