ATSF’16: 5th ABU TV Song Festival To Be Held October 2016

Jakarta is hosting the ABU TV Song Festival 2016

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has confirmed that Indonesia will be hosting the 5th edition of the ABU TV Song Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The exact date within October when the event will be held has not yet been announced. The ABU TV Song Festival has been held annually since 2012 and has seen a total of 20 countries participate in the event. The ABU TV Song Festival is a non-competitive event and is a showcase of talent from across the Asia-Pacific region with some of the biggest names in the music industry having represented their countries.

To date only Indonesia has been confirmed as participating in the 5th edition of the ABU TV Song Festival.

Source: ABU

9 replies on “ ATSF’16: 5th ABU TV Song Festival To Be Held October 2016 ”
  1. I wonder which countries will participate this time in the ATSF’16. This might be the last non competitive ATSF before the ABU TV Cup Song Contest, so I would like to see the debut of countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Timor Leste or the return of Australia.

  2. It would be very interesting if TVRI, the indonesian national broadcaster introduced a televote system in the ABU TV Song Festival. That way it could be something else than a convert event.

  3. wow in Jakarta?! <3
    Now I hope they will organize the show so that public can attend the show.
    I doubt if TVRI will introduce televote system, since they do not have any idea how this system works :')

    1. this year the ATSF was held in one of the biggest congress centers of Europe with a capacity of over 3.000 seats. It would be very good if the show was held in the Indonesia Convention Exhibition or the Jakarta Convention Centre. Both of them very big venues.

      1. oh then I hope this will be held in JCC (because ICE is too far, like in the middle of nowhere :’D )
        or at least ISTORA Senayan as venue.

        The thing is, I doubt that TVRI will have budget to organize this whole event 🙁
        But, if considering this as a promotion for Asian Games 2018, I think they will put their ass on this show,

        1. If Indonesia is organising such an important event, I think that TVRI will make a good effort in the ABU TV Song Festival. Moreover, since the start of the ATSF, TVRI has been one of the most interested broadcasters in the event, so I’m optimistic about the organisation.

          1. well, let’s see about that. Because Asian Games and ATSF are different, and maybe even there will be more than one official broadcaster for Asian Games *cough*RCTI*cough*
            I don’t know why TVRI is really interested in ATSF, even they organized national final back then at the first edition of ATSF,
            (and they always send random singer to ATSF -______- )

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