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3 thoughts on “Azerbaijan: Snippet of Bala Turkvizyon Performance Revealed”

  1. Lol.
    So wrong.
    But thanks to Azerbaijan for illustrating why the age limit makes sense. (and 8-15 is still wrong , let alone allowing 5 year old girls)

  2. I can’t help it, but I just feel sad for this boy, who might be talented, and might could be performing something good in the show, but this girl is kind of ruining it all. First of all they both seem unconfortable with each other at stage. Second she’s way too young for this, and she might be talented for her age, but this talent has nothing to do in a competition like this. Their votes would be purely based on the fact that jurors would feel like voting for this young girl. This is a good example that the organisors of this competitions should start makeing rules, AND last but not least start following the rules they make. This is just kindof making me feel sick…

  3. I heard two of the songs, out of a bit curiousity (cannot say I cared too much about Bala Türkvizyon), and I think I am not wrong at all if I say that the winner will, and must be Kazakhstan. What a talent, and what a beautiful song! It would even be a possible winner in the adult version of Turkvizyon.

    I agree totally with derofreak. That Aserbajdsjani thing is just… so wrong… and so… not good… sorry. It’s an ocean of difference between the two talented ones I’ve seen and this clip.

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