Azerbaijan: Turkvizyon & Bala Turkvizyon Selections Continue

Azerbaijan’s search for their participants for the Turkvizyon and Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest 2016 continue.

Azerbaijan launched their selection process for this years edition of the Turkvizyon and Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest in July. The latest show in Azerbaycanin Sesi was held last night in Azerbaijan with another singer leaving the contest last night, the latest to leave the contest was Aytan Nagieva. Still left in the competition are:

Samir Djafarov’s Team:

  • Enver Memmedhesenov
  • Samir Niyazi
  • Togrul Eliyev
  • Nahid Ademoglu
  • Rasim Mustafazade
  • Aynur Kermimbeyova

Elza Seyidcahan’s Team:

  • Kamran Sekerov
  • Xalid Agabalayev
  • Sevinc Beyaz
  • Behram Ibrahimov
  • Samir Cekmarov

Naile Mirmmedli’s Team:

  • Elnare Nuriyeva
  • Adile Nuriyeva
  • Orxan Rehimov
  • Mircabbar Mirabayev
  • Resad Enveroglu
  • Vusal Agayev

No date has been announced for the final of Azerbaycanin Sesi, it is expected to be held either at the end of September or the beginning of October. Tonight will see the latest episode of Azerbaycanin Seis Bala air, with the search for the countries Bala Turkvizyon entrant continuing. A total of 16 young singers from across Azerbaijan are still in the running to compete in Turkey, they are:

Elza Seyidcahan’s Team:

  • Meqas Group
  • Metin Kerimov
  • Aylin Necefli
  • Ibrahim Suleymanli
  • Leyla Baxisova
  • Asim Mikayilov
  • Yusif Agazade
  • Xecide Xulfuqarli

Naile Mirmmedli’s Team:

  • Ali Ceferzade
  • Cavid Ehmedov
  • Ali Abdullayev
  • Emir Memmedov
  • Mirabbas Babayev
  • Ziya Elixanli
  • Ali Memmedli
  • Aydan Ilxaszade

Source: Azerbaycanin Sesi

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