Azerbaijan: Turkvizyon Selection Semi Final 23 September

The semi final of Azerbaycanin Sesi, Azerbaijan’s selection process for the Turkvizyon Song Contest takes place this Friday.

A total of twelve singers are left in the contest all hoping that they will make it through to the final. The twelve singers have been competing in the Azerbaijani selection process since the start of July, with each of the participants aiming to represent Azerbaijan at Turkvizyon 2016.

The twelve singers and their team leaders are:

Samir Djafarov’s Team:

  • Samir Niyazi
  • Togrul Eliyev
  • Rasim Mustafazade
  • Aynur Kermimbeyova

Elza Seyidcahan’s Team:

  • Kamran Sekerovun
  • Sevinc Beyaz
  • Behram Ibrahimov
  • Sixeli Bagirzadenin

Naile Mirmmedli’s Team:

  • Elnare Nuriyeva
  • Mircabbar Mirabayev
  • Resad Enveroglu
  • Vusal Agayev

The Azerbaijani public will decide who makes it through to the final, it is expected that six singers will make it through to the final. Leaving each team with just two singers vying to represent Azerbaijan at the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2016.

Source: Azerbaycanin Sesi

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