Bala Turkvizyon’15: A Guide To The Contest

A Guide to the show
A Guide to the show

The first Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest takes place this evening in Istanbul, Turkey and we have put a short guide together to explain how the contest works, the rules and what to expect from the show tonight.


The Basics:

The Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest is the children’s version of the Turkvizyon Song Contest which first started in 2013. The competition is open to children between the ages of 8-15, however there are participants aged 5 and 16 in the contest. Songs for the contest must be new releases and be between 3 and 4 minutes long. Performers must sing in a Turkic language.


How are the singers selected?

The participants in the competition were selected through both internal and national selection processes. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are the only three countries competing tonight who held a selection process, all other countries selected their participants internally.


Who is participating?

The following countries will be participating in the contest:

  • Albania – Aurora Karo – Kercej Me Yjet
  • Azerbaijan – Nuray Rahman & Ahmed Amirli – ?
  • Belarus – Fateh Hüseyin – Çocukların şehri
  • Gagauzia – İrina Dragu – ?
  • Georgia – Saban Memmedov – ?
  • Iran – Attila, Roza, Daria, Aylin & Tala – ?
  • Kazakhstan – Erkin Tursynhan – “Samğa” (Fly)
  • Kosovo – ? – ?
  • Kyrgyzstan – Aydin Nurdinov – Kyrgyz biy
  • Macedonia – Tolga Mazhar – Hadi Benimle
  • Romania – İrem Kayaali – ?
  • Turkey – Cumhuriyet Grubu – Hayat bayram olsa
  • Ukraine – Albina Kazanzhi – ?
  • Uzbekistan – Yasmina Garibova – ?


The running order:

The running order for the contest has not been announced by the organisers. We expect that the running order will be done in alphabetical order of the countries names in Turkish. This means that the performance order should be as follows:

  • Albania
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Gagauzia
  • Georgia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kosovo
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Macedonia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine


The Voting:

The organisers of the contest have not announced how the voting process works for the Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest. It is thus assumed that the voting will be the same as Turkvizyon 2014 where each of the participating countries and regions is represented by one juror, this juror can award 1-10 points to each performance excluding their own country.

Furthermore we understand that there may be televoting tonight in certain countries however the organisers have not confirmed this before the show. Also the following Russian regions may also be voting in the contest; Bashkortostan, Crimea, Kabardino-Balkaria & Karachay Chekressia, Khakassia, Kumyk, Moscow, Stavropol Krai, Tatarstan and Tuva.

You can find out where to watch the show tonight here and follow @EurovoixWorld as we tweet through the show tonight.

Find out more Turkvizyon news, videos and pictures on the Facebook page – Turkvizyon Song Contests here.

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