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8 thoughts on “Bala Turkvizyon’15: Azerbaijan Has Won the 1st Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest”

  1. This is ridiciolous, because they decided to send the contest on delay, and spoil the winner when no one has actually watched the contest.

  2. EPIC LOL. The only one breaking the rules actually wins (and it’s not even an artistic or daring performance, just a bad one)

    1. And I really hope they will include a 2nd semi for Turkvizyon next year when the russian regions come back instead of a Bala Turkvizyon (that they can hold every 2 or3 years maybe, if they really wish to)

  3. If TMB is not able to organise well, they really should give the responsibility to the Tatar or Kazakh broadcaster, they are taking it seriously.

    TMB never said why they took over from the Turkmen TV station, I guess if Turkmenistan hosted the whole thing, there would have been less problems…

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