Nuray & Ehmedin win for Azerbaijan

Nuray & Ehmedin win for Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has won the 1st edition of the Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest which was held this evening in Istanbul, Turkey.

Azerbaijan was one of thirteen countries competing in the first contest tonight, they were represented by a duet made up of Nuray and Ehmedin. The duet were selected to represent Azerbaijan in the contest last week after both topping the sms voting in the Azeri selection process. The song is called “Uşaqlıq illəri” (Childhood).

This is the second time that Azerbaijan has won an inaugural Turkvizyon event, they won the first edition of the Turkvizyon Song Contest in 2013. Azerbaijan’s victory in the contest is however controversial due to the fact that one of their participants is just 5 years old and was allowed to participate despite the rules stating participants should be over 8.

The full result has not been released by the organisers of the contest, the results that are known are as follows:

  1. Azerbaijan – 115 points
  2. Kazakhstan – 113 points
  3. Georgia – 112 points
  4. Kyrgyzstan – 111 points
  5. Ukraine – 105 points
  6. Romania – 102 points
  7. Albania – 100 points
  8. Gagauzia – 98 points
  9. Turkey – 95 points
  10. Kosovo – 93 points
  11. Belarus – 90 points
  12. Macedonia or Iran (Result not known)
  13. Macedonia or Iran (Result not known)

Source: Bala Turkvizyon participant

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