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8 thoughts on “Bala Turkvizyon’15: Not Broadcast Live”

  1. Well, at least we listened to a full hour of good Turkic pop music while waiting. At this time I’m still streaming TMB to listen to more music 😛

    Istambul must do a better job on Saturday (including the arena) or they will destroy everything Kazan built with effort.

    1. I just read on the Türkvizyon facebook-group that someone called TMB that replied the competition will not be broadcasted on TV.

  2. Not a miss tbh, they probably thought the rehearsals/show were too bad to be broadcasted at all.
    (Azerbaijan screwing the rules with a 5-year old, performances at the same level as anything in a grade school fair, the stage in a university amphitheater with nothing more than a 4/3 screen in the back (adding to the “grade school fair” feel lol)).

    1. Maybe it’s not a miss not to broadcast it. The miss is announching they will broacast it and NOT announcing they will not. The miss is to be so badly organized that countries can screw the rules, and to be so badly organized that they arrange one the second biggest song contest in the turkish world like they would arrange a school fair at a smal childrens school in Backyard Town. The mistakes is to let people wait for something that never shows up, with no information what so ever about why and if it will show up. For me, not a big deal, but this makes me real worry if I am even getting to be able to see the show saturday (will it be broadcasted where they announce they will etc). Today even people from participating regions where posting messages on facebook about what is happening, so this is clearly not just a lack of information for us “westerners” who does not understand language and what’s really going on… it seems like lack of information all over the line. This i local TV-station niveau, and maybe even beyond that. Organizors got to get a grip on this. There need to be a trustworthy information flow, and trustworthy updates… or this contests would end up a small note in history… who’s gonna watch something you cannot watch. This is not mis-information from Eurovoix, this is just stupidity.

  3. Okey, but I started to worry when I checked the TV-guide of TMB and it didn’t say a single word of Bala Türkvizyon. This explains it all, now I’m a bit scared that Saturday’s Türkvizyon final won’t be broadcasted live.

    1. On the lastest promotion video, it says TMB, Kral TV and ATV Europe will broadcast live and they puts that video in every 30 minutes. But after that Bala, I’m scared, too

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