Bala Turkvision’16: Many Questions Still Left Unanswered

With the Bala Turkvision Song Contest 2016 being held next month, there remains many unanswered questions about this years contest.

With both the Bala Turkvision Song Contest and Turkvision Song Contest being held next month, there remains more questions than answers about this years event. While the Turkvision Song Contest appears to be being organised, but at a pace far slower than in recent years, the Bala Turkvision Song Contest seems to have been forgotten.

To date nine countries and regions have confirmed to Eurovoix World that they are taking part in this years contest. However for many delegations the information being received from TMB TV the host broadcaster is non-existent. Speaking to delegations who have expressed an interest in competing but have no confirmed their participation, there is the same phrase repeated over and over again to us. “We have heard nothing from the organisers”.

Bala Turkvision is moving into its second year this year, and while last years contest was not a shining example of organisation, this years contest appears to be in shambles. In 2015 we heard a number of complaints about the quality of the stage being lower than expected, equipment not being up to standard, and staging plans being left unfulfilled. These complaints were topped off by the contest being held on a Tuesday but not broadcast until the Sunday.

For 2016 this has turned into the fundamental question of whether the contest will actually take place. So far only five regions and countries have selected their participants for this years contest. By this time last year the following countries and regions had confirmed their participation and selected for the contest:

  • Albania – Aurora Kapo
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bashkortostan
  • Crimea - Aliie Bekirova - Amanım yarım
  • Kabardino Balkaria & Karachay Cherkessia
  • Kazakhstan - Erkin Tursynhan – Samga
  • Khakassia - Katya Kyzlasova
  • Macedonia – Tolga Mazhar
  • Kumyk
  • Kygryzstan
  • Nogai (Stavropol Krai) - Madina Kartakeyva
  • Tatarstan
  • Turkey
  • Tuva – Aykis
  • Ukraine – Albina Kazanzhi

This years contest seems to be a step backwards instead of a step forward. The organisers have to make it clear whether the event is being held. At the minute there are five young performers who have been selected, who are working hard on their songs and rehearsing for their moment on the stage. For the contest to fall through or for them to be left unaware of what is going on, is not right.

Bala Turkvision has potential, it has the ability to bring a generation together from across the Turkic Word, but that potential cannot be met while the current standard of organisation continues.

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