Bashkortostan: Selection Semi Final October 30

Semi Final Friday
Semi Final Friday

Bashkortostan will be holding the semi final stage of their Turkvizyon selection process on October 30.

The semi final stage which is being held at the Ufa Children’s Philharmonic will select the 8 singers that will go through to the Turkvizyon selection final and the 8 singers for the Bala Turkvizyon selection final. The semi finals will take place from 11:00 local time to 18:00 local time with a panel of judges selecting the¬†finalists.

More details were also announced about the televised final on November 11. A total of 11 well known Bashkir singers will be performing during the show, these names include the first Turkvizyon participant from Bashkortostan Diana Ishniyazova, and Eurasia who participated in the Bashkir selection in 2014.

Source: Bashinform

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