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9 thoughts on “Bashkortostan: Withdraws From Turkvizyon 2015”

  1. Hey, Am i missing something on the news about withdrawing? It says ‘Baskiria suspends coo- with TURKSOY’ but nothing mentioned about Türkvizyon. Türkvizyon is not for only TURKSOY members. This news may wrong informations, same goes for Tyva and Khakassia, too

    1. This source says nothing about withdrawing from Turkvision, only suspending contact with TURKSOY. The Khakas/Tuvan article says

      “Ранее мы участвовали в международном телевизионном песенном конкурсе Turkvision, организованным ТюрКСОЙ. Сейчас мы не планируем продолжать сотрудничество”.

      They earlier participated in Turkvision, but will not anymore… Someone who knows Russian?

      1. That’s what i said 🙂 Maybe, even if it is low possible, Bashkirs may continue to partipicatin gin Turkvizyon. I wrote in article about Altai, too. Russia has no right to say not to partipicate in Türkvizyon. That’s why Russian authories says ‘Turkiye is not safe’ 😛

        I think on that Russian sentence, it is say they partipicate in an event of TURKSOY, they forget Türkvizyon is not for TURKSOY members only

        1. Both have to withdraw from the competition as TURKSOY are linked to the Turkvizyon Song Contest thus they are still associating themselves with an organisation that the Russian Government has banned co-operation with. As TURKSOY members Bashkortostan, Khakassia and Tuva have withdrawn as has Altai Republic.

          1. At the end of the day we all know that we really do not know anything about this contest untill the Semi-Final is passed anyway, like it’s been for two years now… Participants seems to withdraw/show up even the day before the contest.

          2. Would be a big loss if Kabardino/Karatchaevo have to withdrawn. They got a potential top 3 song, I guess, and one of my favourites 🙁

          3. But it doesn’t make sense. They can’t partipicate because they are (ex-)member of TURKSOY but others can do? Anyway, i prefer to wait till writes aomething about it.

          4. 1. december i read this but I am not able to tell if it says “They do still prepare to go” or “they did prepare to go and will not go”:

            Юную уфимку Гальсар Байгускарову выбрали из множества претендентов представлять Башкортостан на первом детском конкурсе “Тюрквижн”. Уже 15 декабря в Стамбуле она должна была спеть песню на башкирском языке. Зилия Бахтиева — участник конкурса уже во взрослой категории. Кроме них на “Тюрквижн” — аналог “Евровидения” тюркоязычных стран — готовились поехать наши землячки Ангелина Гафарова и Зульхиза Ильбакова, которые представляют Москву. Всего же на конкурс, который в этом году пройдет в Турции, заявлены певцы из десяти российских регионов.

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