Belarus: 20 Finalists in Slavianski Bazaar Selection Announced

The 20 finalists in Belarus’ Slavianksi Bazaar 2017 selection process have been announced by the contests organisers.

A total of 72 singers from across Belarus took part in audition rounds across the country during December, with the best 10 in each category going through to the final stages of the selection process. The Ministry of Culture of Belarus will select the singers who will represent Belarus in the International Pop Song Performers and the Children’s Competition.

Finalists in the children’s contest are:

  1. Alesya Vitols
  2. Mariya Dudar
  3. Mariya Zhilina
  4. Angelina Lomako
  5. Mariya Magilnaya
  6. Kirill Mashevskiy
  7. Arina Pekhtereva
  8. Artem Skorol
  9. Stefaniya Smirnova
  10. Anfisa Khmelevskaya

Finalists in the international pop song performers contest are:

  1. Marina Baranovskaya
  2. Kirill Yermakov
  3. Irina Zamulko
  4. Nina Zhukovskaya
  5. Zlata Larchenko
  6. Anastasiya Lushchik
  7. Olesya Podgrusha (Sergeychik)
  8. Darya Pravashinskaya
  9. Yekaterina Sychevskaya
  10. Yegor Sharankov

To date Belarus has won the contest on five occasions making them the most successful country in the contest. Former Belarusian winners include Petr Elfimov, Polina Smolova and Alyona Lanskaya, all three of these artists have gone on to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2016 Belarus won the contest once again represented by Alexey Gross.

The final of Belarus’ selection will take place on March 20.


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