Belarus: Alexandra Kyazumova To Sing “Azadlıq”

Alexandra will be representing Belarus

The song that will represent Belarus at the 3rd Turkvizyon Song Contest has today been revealed to be “Azadlıq” (Freedom).

Belarus are being represented by 18 year old Alexandra Kyazumova who is of ethnic Azeri descent. Alexandra is currently a student of pop music at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. Alexandra was encouraged to try and participate in the Turkvizyon Song Contest by the countries first participant Gunesh.

Alexandra told that:

Gunesh invited me to try my hand and to apply for participation in the competition Turkvision. In the end, everything turned out well, and my candidacy was approved by the competition organizers. Now we are rehearsing, preparing.

It was also revealed that Gunesh will be the juror for Belarus at the Turkvizyon Song Contest in Istanbul next weekend. Gunesh finished 2nd in the 1st Turkvizyon Song Contest.

You can listen to the English version of the song below:


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