Belarus: Alexey Gross Wins At Slavianski Bazaar 2016

Belarus’ Alexey Gross has won the international pop song performers contest at the 25th edition of Slavianski Bazaar.

The singer won the contest which was held over the past three days by a small margin of just two points over the runner up Adam from Kazakhstan. Alexey is the fifth singer from Belarus to win the contest, the last being Alyona Lanskaya in 2011. Out of the four former Belarussian winners, three have gone on to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

The award ceremony for the contest takes place this evening in Vibetsk.


The Slavianski Bazaar has been held annually since 1992 to showcase Slavic culture. As part of the Bazaar two contests are held, one for child singers and one for young pop performers. The pop performers contest is split over two days, the first day sees performers singing a song in their national language. The second day sees the performers covering a popular song from the Slavic nations. The winner if selected by a jury made up of past winners and well known performers.
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