Belarus: Ruslana To Compete in Bala Turkvizyon 2016

12-year-old Ruslana has been selected to represent Belarus at the 2nd Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest in Turkey.

Ruslana has been announced as the Belarussian entrant in the Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest 2016 in Turkey. The 12-year-old singer was born in the city of Baranovichi in Western Belarus and has been singing since she was a small girl. Ruslana has been learning to dance since she was three years old and got into performing music as part of a group in Baranovichi. She has won prizes and awards for her performances in local competitions in the city.

Belarus was one of 13 countries and regions to participate in the first edition of the Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest in 2015. The country was represented by Fateh Huseyin with the song “Usaqlarin Seheri” (The City of Children). At the contest in Istanbul Belarus finished in 11th place with a total of 90 points, the country received the maximum 10 points from Azerbaijan and Georgia.

The song that Ruslana will perform for Belarus at the Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest has not yet been announced.

Source: VK

The Bala Turkvizyon Song Contest was first held in 2015. The contest is the children’s version of the Turkvizyon Song Contest. Participants in the contest must be aged between 8 and 15 and perform their song in a Turkic language. The winner of the contest is decided by a jury made up one person representing each competing country. The winner of the first contest were Azerbaijan who were represented by Nuray & Ahmed and the song “Cocukluk Yillari”.
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