Bosnia & Herzegovina: Adis Škaljo – Interview

Adis Škaljo is representing Bosnia & Herzgovina
Adis Škaljo is representing Bosnia & Herzgovina

From Macedonia we head north through the Balkans to Bosnia & Herzegovina. The country has participated in every Turkvizyon Song Contest to date and made it to the final on every occasion. This year Adis Škaljo will be representing the country in Istanbul.

May I start by saying thank you for talking to us, how are you feeling ahead of the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015?

Thank you for your interest and the opportunity to represent BH this year on Turkvisyion. My feelings are mixed. I’m very excited to represent the colors of my country on such a big contest, which immediately creates positive pressure and burden. I’m also impatient for this to happen because we have a very great song, great crew and we can’t wait to represent ourselves to the audience.

It was just over a month ago that you were announced as the Bosnian participant at Turkvizyon, how did it come about that you would be representing Bosnia & Herzegovina in Istanbul?

Since I have been this year winner of the show ZMBT, Hayat TV Production and since the audience in BH have accepted me, Hayat Production awarded me for all this by calling me to represent our country on Turkvysion. Of course, I immediately said yes because I love my country very much.

Earlier this year you won the contest ZMBT, what was participating in the contest like?

Yes. More than 1000 competitors came on first auditions and they want it to be the part of this huge contest, the biggest in our country and they all want it to win. For nine months, every week, we presented ourselves to the audience and the jury with the song they have chosen for us and the jury have graded our song and the audience have voted for. After nine months of hard work, I was awarded and I won first three awards, I was awarded by the jury, by the high school students and I was a final winner of ZMBT7.

Before you were told you would be participating in Turkvizyon, had you watched the previous two contests?

Yes, I have watched the competition for two years and expected the best possible result for our country. Without knowing that I would be the representative of our country, I was proud to see that BiH is the part of such a big contest.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of a handful of countries to qualify for every final in the contest so far, is that a lot of pressure on you?

Yes, that is my biggest pressure. The pressure is very big because BH made into the finals very easily two times already. I hope I will make into the finals too and achieve good results in the final evening.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your song and what it is about?

The story can be divided in two characters. First one is between the country and me: “Pa šta ako nemam ništa”, and it also can be a love song about a man who doesn’t have anything and a woman who wants it all. Basically this is a modern rhythmical song in which we have retained something Bosnian.

What plans do you have for your performance in Istanbul?

In this period, we are still working and rehearsing our choreography for our performance. We still don’t know how this is going to look like so I can’t say anything. We are enjoying so much rehearsing it that every time something happens spontaneously. We often joke that everything would be great if we don’t come up with something totally different on the day of the show.

What expectations do you have going into the Turkvizyon Song Contest?

First of all, I’m so happy to have this honor to represent BH on such a big contest like Turkvysion. I will do my best to represent my country in the best way possible, to make into the finals. And maybe we’ll win, why not?

How would it feel for you to win the Turkvizyon Song Contest for Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Everyone knows how big patriot I am and how I love BH. I would be lying if I say I would not want to win. We are a small country full of love and beautiful song so this would really be a great gift for all of us, my compatriots and all my crew. I would give this victory to all my compatriots.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers of

First of all, I would like to greet all readers of and to thank for your time. I would like to call everyone to watch Turkvysion on December 17 and 19. Please give your support to my colleagues and me because we all have the same goal and the same dream. Until then, enjoy everything we prepare for you every day.

We wish Adis the best of luck later this month in the contest.

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