Bosnia & Herzegovina: Adis Skaljo Releases “Klasje”

Adis Skaljo the representative of Bosnia & Herzegovina at Turkvizyon 2015 has released a new song “Klasje”.

Adis Skaljo who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at the 3rd edition of the Turkvizyon Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey has released a new single. “Klasje” is the second new single that the Bosnian singer has released this year, having released “Oprosti Serce” in the spring.

2016 has seen the singer also tour Europe, performing in cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria and Sweden. Adis rose to fame within Bosnia & Herzegovina after winning the Hayat TV contest “ZMBT”, victory in the contest saw the singer go on to be selected to represent the country at the Turkvizyon Song Contest 2015. He finished 12th in the final scoring 153 points for his song “Pa sta”.

Watch the official music video below:

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