Bosnia & Herzegovina: Emir & Frozen Camels Release “Flaster”

Emir & Frozen Camels represented BiH at Turkvizyon 2013

Emir & Frozen Camels have released “Flaster” the bands first new single since 2013.

Emir & Frozen Camels represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at the first Turkvizyon Song Contest in 2013 with the song “Ters Bosanka”, they went on to finish 6th with 187 points. “Flaster” was written and composed by the front man of the band Emir Bukovica, the songs title translates as “Plaster”.

The band has been performing together since 1998 and released their first album in 1999. They are well known throughout the region for their rock sound and have worked with stars like Rambo Amadeus, Djule Van Gogh, El Bahattee, Elvis J. Kurtovic.

Watch the music video below:

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