Bosnia & Herzegovina: Tropico Band To Turkvizyon 2015?

Tropico Band To Istanbul?

Could Tropico Band be this years participants at the Turkvizyon Song Contest.

It appears that Tropico Band may be this years Turkvizyon participants from Bosnia & Herzegovina. In a Instagram post by Hana Hadziavdagic who is the Head of Hayat TV the Bosnian broadcaster in charge of Turkvizyon participation the band are working on their song for Turkvizyon. In the Instagram post she says that the band are:

priprema se i Turkvizyon itd/ preparing for Turkvizyon.

Tropico Band are a very well known band in the Balkans with their most recent release “Sarajevo – Beograd” being viewed over 250,000 times since its released on September 15. The single interestingly also features Mirzo Soljanin who was part of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Turkvizyon 2013 performance. Tropico Band are signed up to Hayat Production, Hayat TV’s record label.

Hayat TV confirmed to exclusively that the official announcement of their participant will take place on October 17.

Listen to their most recent “Sarajevo – Beograd” below:

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