Bundesvision: 2015 Tickets Are Now On Sale

Tickets Are Now On Sale

Tickets for the 2015 Bundesvision Song Contest in Bremen have gone on sale in the past week.

The Bundesvision Song Contest which is now into its 11th year will take place on August 29th in Bremen at the OVB Arena. The contest sees artists from the 16 Federal States of Germany competing against one another to be announced the winner of the Bundesvision Song Contest.

Competing this year are:

  • Baden-Württemberg: Glasperlenspiel (Came 4th in the 2011 contest)
  • Bavaria: Wunderkynd
  • Berlin: Lary
  • Brandenburg: Ewig
  • Bremen: Gloria
  • Hamburg: Ferris MC
  • Hesse: Namika
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Buddy Buxbaum
  • Lower Saxony: Madsen (Came 4th in the 2008 contest)
  • Nordrhein-Westfalen: Donots
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Mark Forster
  • Saarland: PerDu
  • Saxony: Radio Doria
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 3Viertelelf
  • Schleswig-Holstein: Jeden Tag Silvester
  • Thuringia: Yvonne Catterfeld

The following tickets are available for purchase:

  • Category 1 – 57 Euro
  • Category 2 – 41 Euro
  • Category 3 – 27 Euro

You can purchase your tickets here.

Source: TV Total

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